Susan and Tom

"Thank you Anna for helping us find and negotiate the perfect home, we love it"
Tom and Susan


 "Great job getting the house ready to go and getting it sold, It was nice having a professional to rely on"

David Smith

Andrew Dale

Andrew was a frist time homebuyer and bought a home for 10% off of the listing price, saved thousands of dollars, gained equity from day one!

Quinten and Leslie Barton

Quinten and Leslie had their home on the market for 18 Months when I met them as a For Sale by Owner and had also been listed with a different agent.
We SOLD their home for top price within 30 days!

They also bought a home they love with an FHA 203(k) loan--Foreclosure

Conley Moore

Conley bought a Foreclosure through "Freddie Mac" with 15% equity built in!